Little Alien?

Hello Earthlings,

As my first blog post I thought I would answer why my blog is called ‘The Little Alien’…Where do I start?!

The concept is very simple… my best friend (YES, MY BEST FRIEND) looked at me one day when I had my fringe up and called me an alien because of the enormous size of my forehead! At first I was taken aback by this new nickname (I have had many more in the past that have been created by various people) as I had never thought of it before, as well as it being completely out of the blue. After a while of being called ‘Alien’ I began to just accept it, even though it was a pain having to explain to others why my Best Friend was calling me this. Most people would either laugh and then exclaim at how rude it was, but then often took to the nickname and began accepting it just as I was.

A couple of years later and to this day I still have the nickname of ‘Alien’ (amongst my other nicknames). Many people will still attempt to push my fringe up to see the spectacle that is my enormous forehead, but I have embraced my inner Alien and now don’t see it as being a negative thing, but more of something that I can laugh at and have a bit of banter with as after all I am basically taking the piss out of myself every time I refer to myself as Alien… aren’t I?

Little Alien


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