My Experience at Uni…

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After studying at Sixth form for a total of 3 years I decided to go to University to study Primary Education as at the time I believed this to be the way to get what I thought would be my dream job of a primary school teacher. The first two weeks were amazing as it was Freshers Fortnight for students at Brighton University. This was a great way to bond with individuals who we had never met before, but would soon be living with each for nearly an entire year or longer if we decided to continue living with them. I got to meet so many lovely people and some of the friendships I believe will last for a long time to come! On the other hand, I am sure that there will be some individuals who I will not speak to or see again as we simply did not bond as much.

I expected Freshers Fortnight to be a time where everyone was getting drunk pretty much every night, and everyone would stay up until the sun came up. However, this carried on and it put a lot of strain on me personally. One of the reasons was because I had the room right next to the kitchen in the flat and so would constantly find it difficult to sleep as my flat mates were often staying up late, despite me needing to attend 2 hour lectures nearly every week day at 9am! (ouch!). I tried to grin and bear it, but after putting up with it for around 2 months I decided to try and get some advice or help from the student help services within the university. However, they did not have much to say apart from the only solution was to basically move out, which for me meant I would have to withdraw from University also as my home town was 3 to 4 hours away.

After this meeting I made the hard decision to withdraw from university and had to break the news to my closest friends that I had made from the short time I had been in Brighton. I am annoyed that I was put in a flat that consisted of basically all individuals who were not on a full time course like myself and therefore ended up being in a ‘loud’ flat. I do not blame my old flat mates for my decision though, it was just that I was unlucky in being put in a flat that became very noisy and practically unbearable to live in from the mess also.

In short my personal experience of University was very mixed as I enjoyed my course and the friends I made, but (to put it bluntly) hated the living conditions and just wished that more could have been done to resolve the issue I was having at the time.

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