A day out at Thrigby Hall wildlife gardens

Last week myself and my boyfriend decided that we would go out for the day. The chosen destination was Thrigby Hall wildlife gardens which is situated very close to Great Yarmouth. Thrigby Hall is a beautiful building, which you are unable to walk around but you are able to admire from the vast green grass just outside the front door. The wildlife gardens consist of a variety of animals from snakes, to crocodiles and alligators, to your usual zoo animal of monkeys, as well as finally some big cats such as Tigers and Leopards.

As we decided to go on a week day whilst children were still within their school term the wildlife gardens were not actually that busy, which meant that we were able to watch feeding times with the tigers, crocodiles, red pandas and the leopards. However, the leopards really were not interested in their food.


In terms of food there is a cafe at Thrigby, but myself and Jay (the boyfriend) decided to stop off at Sainsbury’s on the way and get our lunch from there to enable us to have a picnic on the large open area of grass as it was particularly sunny and pleasant. We did end up going into the cafe to get a snack or two as it was so hot outside that we were beginning to get dehydrated and run out of drink and food.

We arrived at Thrigby and decided that the first thing to do was have lunch (OF COURSE) and so sat on the grass and ate. We then proceeded to make our way around the wildlife centre, spending a considerable amount of time at each animal as we went. One of the cutest animals I think we can both agree was the tiny baby monkey that is pictured below with Jay looking at it, or should I say trying to communicate with it. (He is a bit weird like that, but it makes it more interesting). Jay was very fascinated and taken by many of the different animals as you can see…

There are walks that are raised around the monkey and leopard enclosures, as well as a tree walk up above the enclosure of the tigers, which is pretty cool if you ask me. We walked around the walks near the monkeys and leopards, as well as took a brief stroll over the tree walk over one of the tigers enclosures during feeding time. The view from one tree walk was beautiful so obviously I had to take a picture. All in all we had a lovely day and I introduced Jay to yet another place that he did not even know about. More memories were made and I am looking forward to the endless number of days out to come!

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