Purple eyeshadow?!

2016-09-25-12-32-30Every now and then all of us girls want to try out something new with our makeup right? Well this was exactly was I was thinking this morning and so I thought why not give purple eye shadow a go? I know what you are all thinking…. PURPLE EYE SHADOW?! is she crazy?

Yes I may be slightly crazy but purple eye shadow doesn’t always have to look like you have been punched in the eye the night before. I started off as usual by getting a transition shade and applying this to my crease. It is best to start off with a small amount of product and then build it up as you go to make sure that you don’t go overboard and then have to start all over again. My transition shade for this look was a light brown/nude colour. I gradually built the colour up in my crease to deepen the eye socket, as well as blend out to make the eye shadow look seamless and not like the block colour we all used to do when starting out with makeup for the first time.


After I was happy with this I moved on to adding the purple. I decided to go with a fairly dark purple/pink to further deepen up the crease and then moved on to add a pink/very light purple shimmery shade all over my lid. Finally after blending them out so that they ran into each other seamlessly, I went ahead and added a lighter cream colour to my inner corners and blended out in order to brighten and widen the look of my eyes. I finished off the eye look by adding winged black eyeliner, black eyeliner on my water line, and mascara followed by using the dark purple/pink colour I used to deepen my crease just under my waterline to tie the eye look together.

I went and finished up the rest of my makeup and this was the result!

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