Make-up over the most wonderful time of the year…

2017 is nearly upon us, but before we jump into a brand new year I’d like to share with you three different make-up looks that I created over the few festive days that I was going out.

First of all I created a pink glittery eye look with a bold purple/pink lip for Friday 23rd of December. I was going out for an Indian later that day and so decided that I might as well experiment with some make-up that I had been given two weeks before for my 21st birthday.

The next make-up look was on Christmas eve and consisted of a silver/blue smokey eye. I paired this with a nude lip and black winged liner. This was the most subtle look out of the three as I was not planning to do much during this day and so wanted to look done up, but not over the top.

The final make-up look was for the big day itself…. CHRISTMAS! I had decided that I would create something more dramatic than normal on the eyes and go for a more natural lip to balance out the make-up. This was again a pink/purple toned smokey eye with a highlighted inner corner, strong highlight on the cheek bones, and glitter on the centre of the eye lid.

I hope this post has been enjoyable to see three different make-up looks and hope it inspires some of you to be more creative with your make-up and try out some new colours just like I have. All of these looks did not require many make-up products and are fairly easy to recreate. Plus if you find make-up difficult then just watch some youtube tutorials and hey presto… you’ll be a pro in no time. You won’t get good at make-up unless you practice!


love your little alien xoxo

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