A day out to Springfields…

On Thursday the 29th of December 2016, myself and my mum went for a trip to drop my nanny off and so decided to go to Springfields as we were close to the area. Springfields is a shopping centre located in Spalding. The shopping centre combines over 50 outlet stores with 25 acres of leisure attractions. There are places to eat and drink, as well as Christmas sales (Obviously the only reason we went there at this time of the year!).

We had wandered around a few shops, before stumbling upon ‘beauty outlet‘ which I could have spent so much money in! There was a huge variety of makeup and beauty products that were heavily discounted to what you would normally pay on your local high street. This is definitely a reason for me to return again even if I don’t end up going into any of the other shops.

As we wandered around we bought a few bits here and there before reaching the home and garden store. The displays were set out so beautifully and were extremely eye catching and aesthetically pleasing (again, obviously a bonus as who doesn’t love these types of displays?!).

A lot of the items in this shop had a lot of relatable phrases and mottos written on them, which would make for a lovely present to those who you think they would relate to. After wandering around the shops we stopped at Frankie’s and Bennie’s for lunch which was tasty as always! All in all I had a lovely day strolling around the shopping centre with mum and look forward to returning… maybe when I actually have some money to spend!

Love you little alien


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