Grunge Makeup Look…

In order to recreate this grunge style makeup look you do not need many products at all!

I first did my base my applying green concealer to my blemishes to cancel out any redness, followed by using a brush to blend my foundation all over my face and making sure to cover up the green concealer we just used. I set my foundation by using a translucent powder and a big fluffy brush and lightly dusted this all over my face. I then warmed up my face by using a matte bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks, as well as on my temples and on my jaw line. That is now the face complete!

For the eyes I made sure that I had a good base by using concealer followed by loose powder to set my eyes in place and make it easier to blend the eye shadows that follow. I started by using a nude/beige colour all over my lid and the used a matte brown in my crease to define the crease of my eye. I further deepened this by concentrating a black eye shadow to the outer V of my eye lids and blended to make sure there were no harsh lines. Then line your eyes with a black eyeliner on your water and tight line, and coat your lashes with your favourite mascara! I then ran the brown and black on my lower lash line to create a smokey effect.

Finally I used a purple lip liner all over my lips followed by using a deep purple lip crayon in the outer areas of my lip to created an ombre effect to make the lips look slightly bigger.

And that’s it! You can obviously change this up to suit your skin tone or preferences more and even add some highlight or deeper contour and blush. I hope you have enjoyed how to recreate this super easy grunge style makeup!

love your little alien xoxo

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