Getting ready for a night out on the town…


Every young adult loves getting ready to go for a night out right?! Well I’m sure us girls (or aliens) never need much of an excuse to dress up and this was one of those nights. My friend was going out clubbing in Norwich for a friend’s 21st birthday and I had offered to do her hair and makeup (secretly so I could write about it!). Lisa is 20 years old and has been a very close friend of mine for many years now as we met in highschool. Anyway… getting on to the makeup look.

As Lisa does not often wear much makeup I decided to give her quite a natural but glam look that would turn heads as well as stand out whilst clubbing. I did her base by cancelling out any redness with a green concealer and followed by using Rimmel Matte Perfection in the shade porcelain and blended that over her face using a damp beauty blender. I then followed by using a light concealer and dark concealer to creating a contour effect by placing dots in the places we wanted to sculpt or brighten and then again blending out with a damp beauty blender. This was then all set in place using a translucent powder.


I then moved onto the eyes where I used brown shades ranging from light to dark to create a gradient and deepen the crease before adding a light bronze shimmery shade onto only the lid. I finished the eyes by adding an inner corner highlight, winged liner and mascara, followed by some fake eyelashes. Finally i placed some of the brown eyeshadow onto her bottom lash line to create a smokey effect and tie the eye look together to complete the eyes.

To finish off the face I lightly drew in lisa’s eyebrows using a medium brown eye pencil by natural collection and brushed through her brows after. I then further contoured the face by adding bronzer to below the cheekbones, temples and forehead and slightly down her neck. I then sculpted her cheekbones by using a cool toned contour shade. I added a little bit of blusher to the apples of her cheeks, followed by placing highlighter on the tops of her cheekbones, end of her nose and cupids bow. The lips consisted of drawing and filling them in using a red/brown lip pencil from primark, followed  by using the closest matching lip crayon, also from primark.

For the hair I split it into three sections. I brushed out the bottom section and separated again into four sections before brushing through heat protectant spray and curling using a babyliss curling iron. I repeated this step for all three sections and then sprayed hair spray through and scrunched up the curls to try and prevent them from dropping too much over the night. I pinned two small sections back away from lisa’s face in order to frame her face and that was the look finished.

Lisa wore a sparkly long sleeved dress and paired in with some black heels.

I enjoy doing people’s makeup just as much as I love doing my own as it gives you a different canvas in a way to work on other than what you use all of the time (meaning your own face). I also enjoy doing hair styling and hope to pursue some sort of hobby or side career in makeup and or hair styling.

I hope you found this post interesting as to how I did makeup on another person and there will be a new blog post up next monday!

love your little alien


Lisa’s Instagram:



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