Decorating Cupcakes…

For this post I decided to go into how I decorated my chocolate cupcakes when I did some baking last week. The icing is very easy and simple to make, as well as the toppings and decoration being cheap but still tasty!

First of all make some cupcakes! These can be whatever flavour you want, and a recipe for some super easy peasy ones can be found on another post on my blog. Today I had decided to make chocolate cupcakes as I often did vanilla and so fancied a change… plus who doesn’t like chocolate cake?!

2017-03-09 09.59.51

Let the cupcakes cool completely before making the icing or buttercream. On this particular occasion I decided to use chocolate buttercream by mixing softened butter, icing sugar, cocoa powder and vanilla extract until smooth.

On some of the cupcakes I piped on the buttercream…..on others i simply smoothed over a layer with a knife or the back of a spoon.

Some of the cupcakes I decided to sprinkle edible glitter over…

Some of the cupcakes I crushed up Oreos and sprinkled this over the cakes…

and some I melted some Oreo Cadbury chocolate and sprinkled the left over Oreo crumbs on top.

Each topping looked tasty, as well as being effortless. Safe to say I think myself and my family enjoyed the cupcakes as nearly all 24 have been eaten in just a week…

Hope you enjoyed this small post regarding how I decorated my cupcakes this week and I shall post another blog post Monday at 12pm.

Love your little alien





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