Thirteen reasons why… my take on the Netflix series


I first decided to start watching ‘thirteen reasons why’ after it was the only thing everyone seemed to be talking about. I had my doubts as I was not sure how it could deliver such a powerful message. However, here we are a couple of weeks later and I have finished the series….

My first reaction was that I could see it being very dramatised and feared that the main messages would get lost in the story line. This was definitely not the case as everything was heavily focused on the main messages and although slightly dramatised, I was relating to it more and more as I worked my way through the episodes.

I cried at the idea that somebody could ever feel that low, and then I realised that I had also experienced that feeling, but also began to think of how it affected those around me. Many people think that suicide is a cowards way out. That taking your own life is for attention, but how will you know about the attention if you are already gone? That making everyone else feel bad and upset will make you feel better, but how could you feel better when all of the feeling is gone?

Suicide is a last resort for those who think that there is no way that their lives could ever turn around and become more positive or happy. They lose all hope that they will achieve their wildest dreams, or find love, or even just be somebody to those that they care most about. Suicide is when you believe that nobody will even care that you are gone, let alone notice. Nobody ever commits suicide for other people’s reactions, as they believe nobody is there.

Yes, thirteen reasons why is a brilliant series, but I highly recommended that you take in all the messages that are being conveyed throughout as it may give you an insight into how others around you might be feeling. It could help to raise awareness and even show that someone can act like they are fine, when they are lonely and empty inside.

All individuals go through hard times within their lives, whether it is in their teens, adult lives, or even when they are only just starting life. Thirteen reasons why is not just for teenagers and young adults, but for anybody, EVERYBODY. Nobody has to suffer in silence and put on a brace face just because they don’t want to ‘burden’ others with their issues, or bring anyone else down. Nobody should be embarrassed to admit that they are struggling. Nobody should ever feel the need to isolate themselves just to try and ‘protect’ the ones they care about the most. Those that love and care for you will always listen and be there to support you, whether you think the reason you are feeling down, lonely, or empty is stupid and doesn’t really need to be spoken about.

Everyone has their limits. Yes somebody may feel that their life is over if they have a fight with their best friend, but it’s not. There is more to life than caring what others think. There is more to life than trying to impress others, especially if this is in school as when we leave school, everyone is in the same boat. We all have to make a living somehow, so it will not matter who was ‘popular’ in school, or who was the ‘class clown’ or even who was the ‘nerdy’ kid because we all have the same purpose in life. Nobody is better or worse than everyone else. We may be different, but what good would we be if we were all the same?IMG_1081

At the end of the day, thirteen reasons why is a brilliant series, that portrays a very deep, meaningful and important message. Not just to teenagers, but to everyone who may be having a hard time, even if you aren’t considering suicide. Even those who think they are perfectly fine, because soon you might not be.


4 thoughts on “Thirteen reasons why… my take on the Netflix series

  1. Mae Polzine says:

    I haven’t seen the series yet but I read the book. It covers some really serious topics, but has a good message about reaching out to others if you’re dealing with something. And that you never know what someone else is going through, so be careful with what you say.


    • kathrynjadeblog says:

      I was sceptical to say the least when I first heard about it, but I actually really enjoyed the series and hope it will shine some light onto how people are feeling if they know someone who might be going through a hard time. Whenever anyone addresses suicide and mental health it is always going to spark controversy and difference in opinions but at a least people will be openly talking about it. Thanks for your comment x


  2. Britt Kascjak says:

    I watched the full series – also skeptical going in. Honestly, I am still somewhat skeptical coming out of it as to the effectiveness on the message. They left it so heavily reliant on the fact she was driven to commit suicide, that it almost creates the belief that there was no other way in her world, whereas the potential to address some serious mental health discussions were really lost. I also feel the way it was portrayed almost made it look like suicide was a viable option, almost making it seem ‘justified’ if that makes sense. While older audiences like myself can see there is a distinct difference I am not sure that is going to be as clear for a younger audience – think preteens watching it… I’m not sure whether in the end it is going to be more of a ‘pro’ for the mental health community or more harmful with the way it was carried out… but that’s just my opinion.

    Britt |


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