Get Ready With Me…. for a white Wedding!

On the 13th of May 2017, my beautiful cousin got married! This was the first proper wedding that I had been to and although very excited, I was also getting more and more panicked about what to wear!

A couple of days before the wedding I decided to have my hair cut… I had about three more inches cut off my hair, so that when straight it was at the level of my collar bones. This was a bit of a risky move as I have had long hair for as long as I can remember, but boy did my risk pay off! I love the length of my hair and feel that I actually look nearer to my age now that I look more sophisticated…. (HAHAHA me? sophisticated? yeah right!). For the wedding I decided to curl my shorter hair so that it would frame my face, as well as looking well done and neat.

For my makeup I decided to go quite natural but still had to put some pretty full coverage foundation on as my skin is not the best. I had to mix two foundations as I did not have one that matched my current skin colour as I had on a little fake tan. First of all I colour corrected by dabbing green concealer onto any red areas, including my spots, before adding a peachy/red concealer to under my eyes to brighten and cancel out any dullness. I blended this and my foundation out as usual with a beauty blender before adding concealer under my eyes, and setting with some loose powder.

2017-05-13 09.37.13

I used bronzer to warm up my face, as well as contoured to define my cheek bones. I added a natural coloured blush and obviously some highlighter. For the eyes, I used neutral browns and mauve tones to deepen the crease, and then used a loreal liquid eyeshadow (first time using this and it was unbelievable!) on the actual lid, before packing on some light and glittery eyeshadow to set the liquid and intensify the glitter. I finished with some black winged liner, mascara on both top and bottom lashes and finally some fake lashes to complete the eyes. My lips were lined with a brown lip liner, and filled in with a nude lip crayon in order to give a browney/nude coloured lip.

My dress was from pretty little thing and was GORGEOUS! I was not sure how it would look on me but I loved it! It was a white off the shoulder, midi dress that had vibrant blue flowers all over. The off the shoulder was bardot style and the dress had a slight up the side of the skirt section to give it more of a youthful look. I paired this with a nude clutch and some nude heels and that was me done….. or so i thought!

One of my heels from my BRAND NEW SHOES came clean off just before entering the abbey and so I had to be taken home after the ceremony to grab some different heels so that I was able to enjoy the evening and dance the night away! (which believe me… I think we all did).

All in all it was a beautiful and memorable day and I have no doubt that my cousin and her now hubby will live a long and happy life together!


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