Trying something new…

Green eye shadows are one of those colours that not many people are confident using and I, myself had no idea if they would look good on me, or even what to do with them….. so I experimented and gave green eye shadow a go. 2017-06-01 12.59.50I decided to use greens that were more earthy and dark for my outer corner and in the crease to deepen up the eye look. I then decided to incorporate some teal coloured shimmery eye shadow to the main part of my lid in order to lighten up the eye shadow as it was beginning to look like I had a black eye… (not a good look).

I also added a very dark greenish-brown to my outer corner and crease in order to deepen those further. In order to brighten the eye and make it look more open, I used a pale blue/green in my inner corners. To finish I repeated the colours on my lower lash line, added a layer of mascara and completed the rest of my face in order to create this look!

Overall, I think this look came out very well considering it was my first time using green eye shadows. In future I would blend out the darker colour more into the light to make it look more seamless as well as use a more vibrant green on the centre of my lids to make the eye look more dramatic.

I hope you enjoyed this post and are now not afraid to experiment with makeup, as the more you experiment, the more you will learn!

Love your little alien


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