The Silisponge: worth the hype…?

The Silisponge is the most recent makeup tool to by hyped about over the internet, and especially through youtubers. The likes of JeffreeStar, Gabriella Lindley, Sophdoesnails, and many more have all reviewed the Silisponge.

Although I did not splash out and get the genuine Silisponge, I did see a knock off being sold in Primark and so thought why not?! Surely it can’t be that bad… right? I also have Primarks version of the beauty blender which was the item before the Silisponge which was widely hyped. Even though I do not own the originals of both of these, I still feel that I can give a good comparison and opinion as I have purchased them both from Primark, and how different can they really make the products?

1.   What is the product/ trend?

Like I have said previously, this post is on the Silisponge, which is the latest development since the introduction of the beauty blender. You can buy the original product from, but there are many dupes and knock offs out their in Primark (where I got mine from), boots, amazon and ebay. I got mine in a 2-pack which cost me £2. However, the original retails at $12 (or £9.30). You can purchase the original at:



It claims to reduce makeup wastage as it does not soak up any product like the beauty blender does. However, on it does advise to use a beauty blender or another sponge to further blend after spreading the product on your face using the Silisponge. It claims to be hygienic as product will easily wipe off and can be cleaned easily and effortlessly.

2.  What made you try it?

I was first inspired to try this when I had seen some of the youtubers I watch try it out for themselves. There were mixed reviews and when I saw it being sold cheaply in Primark I just had to give it a go.

3.   What were your final thoughts?

Overall, I agree with the claim that it does not waste product as no product is soaked up by the Silisponge, but this does mean that it feels that you are simply smearing it over your face which I feel like I could do just as easily with my fingers and blend at the same time. The Silisponge makes it very hard to blend and so you do have to use a brush or beauty blender after which kind of defeats the object of even using the Silisponge in the first place. I will continue to keep trying it out as even says that it takes a while to get used to. If my thoughts and feelings towards it change then I will be sure to update you all.

4.  What would be the next one that you want to try?

I am currently interested in trying out sheet masks, and even the lip colour tattoos which is meant to give a long lasting lip tint and is something I have also seen flying around youtube.

That’s all for now, but if you would like me to do more reviews on products and have any suggestions then just leave me a comment and I shall be sure to get back to you and try it out, as long as I can get my hands on whatever it is!

Love your little Alien


This post is in collaboration with Krystle AKA. Night Shade Beauty:



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