LAROC: Beginners Collection (120 Summer Eyeshadow Tones)…

The Laroc: Beginners Collection Eye Shadow Palette was bought for me through Groupon and cost £5. However, you are able to buy it elsewhere but it will be its normal retail price of around £10. I was bought this palette as I pointed it out for two main reasons. It was cheap and included many bright colours, which I was lacking within my makeup collection. There are a range of matte and shimmer shades so you are able to create a look just using this one palette, which is great! Especially as it is not that big and easy to travel with.

One makeup look that I came up with was using the more orange shades of the palette in an attempt to create a warm smokey eye. Most people would have potentially added more brown shades to create a more intense smokey eye, but I quite liked how this turned out as it was still fairly summery and not too bold.

The second look I created was a pink smokey eye. I used various matte shades of pink in my crease to build up the depth, before cutting my crease with concealer and then placing a light blue, followed by the lightest shimmery pink colour on top. I finished the look by adding a pink highlighter in my inner corners and on the other places of my face where I would usually place the product, as well as with a matte brown nude lip.

I am sure that when it comes to festivals and Halloween I will get a lot of use out of this palette as well as on a day to day basis, when i want to add a splash of colour or just have a bit of an experiment with my makeup. The two images above are from pinterest and are just a couple of inspirations and ideas I have for the upcoming Halloween.

Check out my Pinterest makeup ideas board:

I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to seeing more from me.

Love your little alien




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