Marble Cake…

Marble cake is easy to make as it is composed of swirling chocolate and vanilla sponge mixture together and then baked to create the marbled effect. Obviously you can use whatever flavours you would like, but traditionally chocolate and vanilla is used.

I followed a Dr Oetker recipe that you can find online for both of the sponge mixtures before placing equal amounts into two 9 inch tins. After the cakes were cooked and cooled down on cooling racks, I made the buttercream which I would then place in between the cakes as well as on top.

I followed a recipe, again by Dr Oetker, on how to make the buttercream, but instead of using vanilla extract, I substituted in salted caramel extract in order to create a slightly different cake to your basic marbled cake. I decorated the top using tiny mini eggs in a circular pattern and served. The cake will produce around 8 to 10 servings depending on how big you make each slice.

The cake turned out really well by looking presentable as well as being delicious!

I hope you enjoyed this post on the marbled cake I made and look forward to seeing more from me.

Love your little alien


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