Wedding Makeup for a friend…

On Friday 4th August 2017, my best friend Brittany had a wedding to go to and had asked me to do her makeup for her, as I had done several times before when going for a night on the town.

Brittany had told me that she was wearing a lilac jumpsuit, and so I decided to do a subtle and natural eye look in order to not overshadow the outfit. Another reason why I had decided to do a natural eye look was because she would be wearing the makeup all day, and therefore I wanted to ensure that the makeup stayed looking as good as possible throughout the day. As a result of this I also used a primer before using foundation in order to increase the longevity.

I started by priming the eyes with a concealer and setting in place with a loose powder. I then used neutral brown shades in the crease and continually darkened it up, using a smaller brush with each darker shade. For the eye shadow I used a palette by makeup revolution called the Redemption Palette Essential Mattes 2. I then used a light shade over her lid, and added a bit of shimmer with a pale pink shade from a separate palette. I added black winged liner, mascara and a pair of false eyelashes by Eylure in the luxe range.

For her base, I used a primer by collection, followed by Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation. Highlighting the face by using a light concealer under her eyes, on the bridge of her nose, middle of the forehead, and chin. I blended this all out using a cheaper version of the beauty blender, before setting it all in place with a powder from collection. I bronzed and contoured, followed by a natural coloured blush and highlighter from a blush palette by makeup revolution.

Brittany’s brows were filled in using a natural collection brow pencil in the shade ‘blonde’, and later she added a pink toned lipstick to finish off the look. 2017-08-04 12.49.58

I hope you have enjoyed this blog post and look forward to my next!

Love your little alien


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