2nd Year of Uni…

Many students are heading to University in the next couple of weeks, and some like me for example, have gone already. I am now starting my second year which is the year that all of my grades start to count. I think it is safe to say that when it comes round to assessment times I will be getting very stressed and uptight about them, just like I did last year, but I plan to do something about it so hopefully I am more prepared!

My first way I am going to try and tackle 2nd year is through actually preparing for my assessments as soon as I find out what they are going to be, so that this way I can be prepared as well as hopefully be more relaxed as it gets nearer to the hand in date.

I also plan to go to every lecture that is scheduled, as well as any trips that are organised as my attendance was not great for my first year, and although I passed, I know I could have achieved much higher grades if I had of just attended a lot more lectures.

My advice to other students, whether they are doing GCSE’s, A-levels, BTEC’s, or Degrees, just DON’T LEAVE EVERYTHING TO THE LAST MINUTE. If you have a gap between lectures for example then go and do the work set from another lecture in order to use your time effectively. I would even suggest going to the library to collect relevant or suggested books at your first opportunity as often they go very quickly! Especially if they have been recommended by the lecturers.

I plan to make the most of my time during 2nd year to prepare me for my final year and onwards. I hope to develop more as well outside of University by blogging more regularly, as well as keeping on top of my youtube channel, which I hope will enable me to establish a healthy balance between work and play.

I hope this has been interesting to read and I will talk to you in my next post!

Love your little alien



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