World Mental Health Day…

Tuesday 10th of October 2017 is world Mental Health Day, and therefore I thought it would only be right to post about mental health. Although I have personally spoken out to friends and family about my anxiety and as a result have seen doctors and the well-being service in order to get help and support, I am more than aware that many people still feel unable to do this.

Many individuals that have some form of mental health ‘problem’ will not want to speak up about it, or may not even know that is why they are feeling the way they are. When I first started noticing my anxiety, I did not realise what it really was, or the fact that what I was feeling was different to what others would deem to be ‘normal’. It first started after the death of a grandparent and because I had not suffered a loss before, I did not know that I was actually finding it very difficult to deal with and therefore this lead me down a spiral, that in years to come, I found very difficult to crawl back out of.

According to the Mental Health Foundation ‘It is estimated that 1 in 6 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem’. This figure massively shocks me, and shows that actually a lot of the people you bump into, and talk to day to day, could potentially be dealing with some form of mental health that they are trying to hide, or are not even sure that they really have in order to feel the need to seek any form of help or support. The Mental Health Foundation also claim that ‘one in five adults have considered taking their life at some stage‘, and I feel that this is heavily due to there being so much stigma surrounding mental health, and the thought that many people feel that if they talk about how they are feeling in terms of anxiety or depression, then they will be seen as attention seeking, when in reality they are reaching out to try and get some form of support.

It has also shocked me that women between the age of 16 and 24 are THREE TIMES more likely to develop some form of mental health problem than men in the same age category. I think this is linked heavily towards modern day society and the expectations that have been placed on women of this age range to achieve a certain look and way of living at what is realistically such a young age. In my last post, I spoke about mental health within Primary Schools and that is easy to link with the previous statistic, as I can relate to how children are being exposed to so many unrealistic expectations by society, which is then causing these young women to develop further anxieties in many different areas as pressure increase as they age.

By talking about mental health and being so open and honest about my experience and views on the matter, I hope that others can also find the courage to speak up and seek support, whether that is through family and friends, going to your local doctor, or even ringing a charity that can help guide you along to the right service anonymously.

I hope you have enjoyed this short, but sweet post regarding Mental Health and look forward to my upcoming posts.

love your little alien


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