Christmas on a Budget…

It is now just over a month to go until Father Christmas slides down the chimney and delivers gifts galore! However, many people appear to struggle with gift giving, especially when it comes to Christmas gifts and so I thought I would share with you a few ideas for what to do for different people in your life that can be done easily on a budget, but are equally as thoughtful and will be appreciated as much as any other gift.

For the Females in your life:

There are many ideas for gifts for females and many will see females as being the easier sex to buy gifts for. You can buy a box or jar (or even recycle them if you have empty ones lying around!) and place inside items relating to a theme. For example you could fill one relating to items to enable the receiver to enjoy a spa day in the comfort of their own home, by including a relaxing candle, homemade body scrub, fluffy socks, nail files and polish, and even a voucher for an e-book, or film. You can use glass jars that have previously been emptied from using up the produce within them, such as pasta sauce jars, and paint them black, before spraying on patterns and designs using spray paint (this is available from poundland so is a right bargain!). Below are a few ideas!

For the Males in your life:

Most will find males harder to buy for as there seems to be a smaller range of items to buy males for some reason in comparison to females. For the males you could go down the route of following a chocolate/sweets and daily essentials such as deodorant, tooth brushes, tooth paste and shaving foam. Another idea is providing them with all of their favourite snacks to sit down, relax and watch their favourite films of all time. Or for those fellas that love a boozy drink, then why not create a tower around their favourite bottle of spirit surrounded by their favourite mixer to go with! Mini bar in a jar is also an easy way to give the perfect present for a guy who just loves a good drink.

In general, if you are having to stick to a small budget for your Christmas gifts this year then just think more down the thoughtful route, as opposed to trying to gift the most extravagant and pricey gift to out-do everyone else’s presents.

I hope this has proved useful and has provided some of you with some ideas!

Love your little alien


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