A weekend away…

On Friday the 19th of January 2018, myself and Jay started our journey to Buckingham. It took us around three hours in total, as well as stopping off for the obligatory Mcdonalds for dinner. When we arrived at Woodland Cottage, which I found through using air bnb, we were greeted by Jane who was very welcoming. She immediately showed us around her cosy cottage before offering us drinks and nibbles.

Although, woodland cottage can seem difficult to find at first, Jane’s instructions were very helpful and clear to understand. This meant that we managed to arrive and get the location correct on our first attempt, even in the pitch black! The cottage was lovely and clean, as well as all of the facilities being very satisfactory and would definitely encourage me to stay in Jane’s cottage again.

Whilst in Buckingham, we decided to go to Woburn Safari Park as it was only a 30/40 minute drive away from where we were staying. Even though the weather was rainy and dull, the animals were still out and about as we drove around the safari. We didn’t even have the car destroyed by monkey’s either which was a bonus! There was a safari that you were only able to go around whilst in a car, and there was a separate part which they categorised as a foot safari.

Whilst driving around the vehicle section of the safari, you could look out for rhinos, elephants, antelope, bears, wolves, lions, tigers, zebra, giraffe, monkeys and a few others. There are rangers on hand at all times if anyone was to need any assistance, and the park is well maintained so that the animals are free to roam within their cut off sections.

On reaching the foot safari, you are able to watch otters playing, red pandas, sea lions, birds of prey, penguins, and also several creepy crawlies which are not everyone’s favourite.

You are able to walk through a monkey, lemur and ‘Australian outback’ enclosure, in which the animals are free to go wherever they please within their set enclosures, which often means going across the pathways through their areas. However, this meant that you were able to see the animals up close, as well as not having to witness seeing them with a wire fence between you.

As we were only in Buckingham for the weekend, we did not have much time to do much else, and when we awoke on Sunday it was snowing. Therefore I had decided that it would be more sensible for us to make our way home, instead of trying to fit more activities in and risk the journey back home being even longer.

Overall, both myself and Jay had a really lovely weekend, and are looking forward to our next little adventure as we are determined to see more of the country and even county that we live in.

The link for Jane’s Woodland cottage is as follows if you would like to enquire about staying in the same place that we stayed if you like what you have read.


Also, for money off use my link www.airbnb.co.uk/c/kathrynh6733

2018-01-21 10.09.02

I hope you have enjoyed my brief overview of my first weekend away for 2018, and hope to write many more posts about whatever springs to mind!

Love your little alien



P.S. I filmed this and its up on my youtube channel…..

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