Mark. Liquid Lipsticks by Avon…

Liquid Lipstick are all the rage at the moment and have been for the past year or so… maybe even longer! Although this makeup trend has been going on for a while, I believe it will continue into the foreseeable future. Not only can you wear a lipstick, but you can wear one which is easy to apply, is hard to remove and 9 times out of 10 will be non-transferable! That means you can eat and drink without the risk of rubbing off your lipstick….AMAZING!


Avon Beauty have done it again by producing makeup at an affordable price, as well as being up there in quality along the likes of Clinique and MAC.

I tried out six of the shades, 5 of which were matte and the other was a glossy finish. All 6 were very pigmented and felt super nice on the lips! However, as expected with all liquid lipsticks, they are drying and so you would need to make sure you moisturise your lips before and after.

‘Pinking About You’ 

‘Dare To Be Bare’


‘Head Turner’


‘Dark & Stormy’

All six of these were used on my lips alone, however with some of the colours I believe that by using a lip liner in a similar or the same colour, then it would create a cleaner effect on the outline of the lips.

I also swatched all six shades on my arm to show you what they looked like just on a skin colour. Please note that I am fairly pale and so these will look slightly different depending on your skin tone. One picture is with and the other is without flash.

If you like what you see, what to see more shades or even different products then head over to my Avon shop by clicking on the following image!

liquid lips Avon March 18.jpg





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