Avon True Delicate Matte Lipsticks…

As many of you will have seen, Avon is becoming more and more well known through advertisements on your TV daily. How amazing is that?! An affordable and trustworthy makeup brand is developing so much that it is now featuring on advert breaks in between your favourite programmes…… crazy! This should also mean that you have also seen Avon come out with new products nearly every month in 2018…. so what does this mean?

Well let me tell you…… Avon are coming out with another (yes, ANOTHER) affordable and basically fabulous new lipstick range. This lipstick range is Avon True Colour Delicate Matte Lipsticks. I have been able to get my hands on samples of each shade and oh my, they are so dreamy. Whilst all of the shades are matte (as the name describes), they are still all immensely creamy and not at all drying on your lips. They last and have a wonderful colour pay off. I have captured swatches of each shade on my own lips so you are able to see what they look like, and maybe even treat yourself to a new lipstick whilst you are at it?

If after all this reading you feel like you should maybe treat yourself or someone else you love then why not take a look at all of the Avon products? (Click the picture below to teleport through to my shop)

my shop.pngThere are eight shades which range from a light nude, to a deep red. There is something for everyone, and as the title suggests all though their is a great colour pay off, it is not as intense as Avon True’s other lipstick range ‘perfectly matte’.

The first shade is ‘Breathless Nude‘. This is a very pale nude, but would look fabulous on someone who had a deeper skin tone than mine, as with me it makes me look like I have no lips… which let’s face it…. is NOT a good look!

The next shade I have is ‘Cashmere Taupe‘. This again is a nude shade, but is deeper in tone as well as having a more brown undertone.

Next up is ‘Misty Mocha‘ and is one of my favourites. It is a nude shade, but this time encompasses both previous shades to become a pink/brown under toned nude.

We move onto shades which are now leaning more towards the pink scale. The first of which is called ‘Pink Hush‘.

Mauve Whisper‘ is next up. This shade is extremely similar to the previous, but is slightly darker in colour with more purple tones peaking through.

The shade ‘Plum Illusion‘ is the most purple out of all the shades, but I believe will also be a massive hit as it comes more into Summer for those of you who are not comfortable wearing bright pink, a light nude or those bright reds and corals.

Each lipstick collection has to include at least one red shade and this Avon collection currently has two red shades. The first of which is called ‘Bitten Apple‘, which is the brighter and more true red of the two.

Where as the other red toned shade is darker and includes purple tones also. This is the last in the collection and is called ‘Cherry Delight‘.

As you are able to see, each of the shades has good colour pay off and are distinguishable, but are not so bold and bright that it is difficult in which to wear. Personally, I feel I would be able to wear each and every shade in this collection depending on whether I have a slight tan, or am completely pasty white. I am so excited to see what other amazing products Avon comes up with in the second half of 2018 and hope you have enjoyed this little insight into what is to come.

As always if you would like to know more about these or any other Avon products then please get in contact and I will do my best to help in any and every way!

Love your Little Alien


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