True Colour Luminous Velvet Lipstick by Avon…

Avon released yet another line of lipsticks around September 2018, but this time it was part of the True Colour range. This most recent lipstick range is said to still be affordable, but give a different edge to your ‘normal’ lipstick feel as described within the title as ‘Luminous‘ and ‘Velvet‘. Avon themselves describe the product as follows on their website:

Glow with the latest matte lip look.

A soft-metallic finish that catches the light and flatters your lips, expertly crafted with the perfect blend of matte and light-reflective pigment, in 15 hand-picked, wearable shades.

Why you (and your lips) will love it…

It’s so easy to apply and glides-on evenly without dragging.
The creamy, velvety formula feels super-comfortable.
It won’t flake, feather or bleed.
It’s SPF15 to help protect you lips.

Not only does Avon claim that it is a matte lipstick, but also that it has a soft-metallic advertfinish… Although this is something most ‘matte’ lipstick will not claim to do, it is a way in which the formula will allow for your lips to stay moisturised whilst still giving you a ‘matte’ lip look that many people strive for nowadays. There are 15 different shades to currently pick from, but who knows if Avon will extend the colours if it proves to be successful?

To give you all a peace of mind I decided to try out these lipsticks. Now I only have 10 out of the 15 shades available, but I feel like these is a reasonable amount in which to try out and discuss the colour range available. Swatches will be included of each and I will give you my honest thoughts regarding the colours, but bear in mind that I am blonde, have problematic skin and like a lipstick that will give me colour and stay on with minimal or, even better, no reapplications.

The first shade is ‘Luminous Nude‘. Looking directly from the product the product looks very shimmery, as well as a more brown tonal nude than a straight up pink nude, which I actually prefer. After doing a swatch on the back of my hand, these previous thoughts are confirmed as it comes out as a brown toned, bronzey nude (bronzey asa result of the metallic aspect of the lipstick). On the lips it is very much the same in terms of the colour. The consistency is very smooth as well as all other qualities reflecting how Avon describe them on their website.


The second shade is ‘Cocoa Beam‘. From looking directly at the product before swatching it looks like a deep, chocolatey brown colour, again with a bit of metallic shimmer included. However, I feel that the shimmer isn’t as apparent as in other shades when swatched both on your hand and lips. On the lips it applies evenly and is again very comfortable feeling.


Red Flash’ is the next shade, which shows as a darker shade of red, with a metallic finish. This would have been the perfect red lip for Christmas parties as it gives you that classic red lip, with an edge of shimmer from the metallic side of the lipstick. The hand swatch shows the colour is very even with no patches even with one stroke, which gladly is very much the same on the lips.


Chilling Cherry‘ is the fourth shade of mine that I have from the range, and this is a red toned purple shade with a pink metallic shade infused. This shade when swatched on the back of your hand, shows as a red toned purple, with pink metallic shimmers coming through. This is also shown on the lips, but is shown to be more pink as the light hits.


The fifth shade I have is ‘Prismatic Pink‘. Before swatching the colour looks like a darker tone of a barbie pink shade, that has an element of being a dusky pink also. The shimmer comes through as a light pink. However, when swatching on the back of my hand the colour seemed to be a little darker, but on the lips it comes across lighter again and more similar to the colour advertised. There are no streaks and colour pay off is again not to be complained about.


Rosy Glow‘ appears to be another shade of pink within this range, but this time a more muted version which would appeal to a much wider audience as opposed to some of the bolder shades previously pictured. This looks slightly more metallic than the others on the back of the hand, but looks more wearable when on the lips (for a pale, blonde girl anyway).


Back to a brighter and bolder shade, ‘Garnet Flare‘, which is a bright and bold pink from the first impression. This swatched well both on the back of my hand and my lips, with literally no patchiness or streaks. The colour pay off is amazing, but definitely one that you would need to be a fan of the bright and bold.


This next shade is ‘Glistening Mulberry’, which I would describe as a brown/pink nude. On the lips however, it looks more pink/purple with brown undertones as a result of the metallic shimmer that is poking through. The shimmer is a pink/purple and gives your lips a beautiful and fairly natural look if you did not want a plain nude, but at the same did not want an unnatural shade. 


Gilded Berry‘ is very much like Rosy Glow in terms of the finish, but is a deep purple shade. Again, it feels very comfortable on the lips and gives you a nice healthy shimmer which is a selling point for the lipstick and perfect for someone who likes a colourful, but healthy looking lip.


Violet Shine‘ is the most purple toned out of them all, as it is truly violet. This pastel shade mixed in with the metallic shimmer gives off a beautiful colour, which is very wearable for those who like a mix between pink and purple lip shades. It is light enough that it does not make you look dark and potentially ill, but still gives you that ‘umph’ of colour you might need to just finish off a makeup look.


The lipsticks retail for £8 each, which is not that much considering you would pay a lot more money for lipsticks of the same quality from other big branded names such as MAC or Clinique. All in all, the lipsticks do what they say. They make your lips feel moisturised and comfortable, as well as you being able to have a lip colour that has a great pay off in terms of colour without the risk of it being streaky or patchy. In terms of lasting power, these lipsticks do need to be reapplied after drinking and eating, but don’t rub off completely without the help of makeup remover, which if you want a long lasting lip then these will be perfect unless you plan on drinking or eating a lot!

The colour range I feel is heavily focused on your pink and purple tones, but with a few options for those individuals who do not particularly gravitate to these colours, with the more brown tones and one red tone.

Head over to my youtube to watch a video of the swatches!

youtube channel preview

Love your Little Alien


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