Pro Colour In 60 Seconds?!

Launching in Campaign 7 is Avon’s latest nail polish, and my oh my is it worth it! There will be eighteen colours to choose from. From the light nude colours, to bright and bold summer colours, and even your dark and mysterious winter shades. They will all be there and will start off at a price of £3 per nail polish in Campaign 7.

I have been lucky enough to get my hands on all of the shades and gosh, you are spoilt for choice as there is a colour in there for everyone. I have also decided to try some of the shades out to see whether they actually deliver in what these new and shiny nail polishes claim to do.


Fast to apply

  • Wide express brush works with the shape of your nail for effortless application

  • Full coverage in 1 coat

Fast to dry

  • dries in 60 seconds

  • high-shine finish 

Fast &Fabulous Brights

2019-04-02 17.23.57

In the bright range there are 6 colours to choose from. This ranges from a light pink all the way through to your bright purple shade. The shades are (from left to right) Think Fast Pink, High Speed Pink, Charged Melon, Rapid Fire, Lightening Red, Plum And Done. 

From this range I have tried ‘Charged Melon’, ‘Rapid Fire’, and ‘Plum And Done’. ‘Charged Melon’ is a beautiful orange/red shade which is perfect for summer. I would wear this shade even on my toe nails during the colder months!

‘Rapid Fire’ is a red shade that is lighter than those other red shades within these nail polishes, but still a beautiful colour for spring/summer nails. This shade has an orange tone to the red, which makes for a more subtle and in some cases more wearable red nail. Again I think this would be a perfect toe nail colour for all year round.

Finally ‘Plum And Done’ is the purple shade out of the brights which if you are not into pink, orange, or red and want to be a bit more toned down with your spring/summer nails then this is the colour for you. This is a shade that you could wear all year round as it is purple so would suit colder months, but the vibrancy would suit the warmer months. 

All three are absolutely stunning and definitely brighten up your mood when you are wearing them! 

Fast & Fabulous Deeps

2019-04-02 17.28.14

Again, there are 6 shades to choose from in the ‘deep’ range. These shades are (from left to right) Mauve Quickly, Pronto Plum, Dashing Red, Wine On Time, In No Tweed, Quick Dive. 

I tried out ‘Quick Dive’ which is a beautiful shade of blue. You could probably get away with only one coat as the polish has great pay off, but as I always do, I applied two coats anyway as to show for a more uniform colour and fair comparison to the other shades I have tried out. 

‘In No Tweed’ is a super dark shade, but one that would be perfect for those cold wintery days, or for those of you who like to be dark and mysterious. The shade could be mistaken for black in certain lights, but it is a really dark red/purple. This one proved to be fairly messy as you can see in the photos below, but could be cleaned up easily by dipping a cotton bud into some nail polish remover and using it around the nail to remove any unwanted messiness. 

Fast & Fabulous Neutrals

2019-04-02 17.29.45

Finally we have the neutrals which I feel are the most ‘on trend’ nail colours currently. These shades are (from left to right) Chop Chop Cream, Hurried Lilac, Mauve It, Breezy Bisque, Brisk Buff, Snappy Taupe. 

Out of these neutral shades, I tried ‘Mauve It’. I plan to try a few of the other shades as if they are anything like this one then I am sure to love them as well. ‘Mauve It’ was a shade that I honestly was not sure if I would like before trying, but I am happy to say that actually I like it rather a lot and it may become my go to nail shade for the spring (and probably the other three seasons too). 

‘Snappy Taupe’ is the other shade out of this range that I tried, and yet again (what a surprise) I really liked the colour. This one is definitely more suited to those who like having a discrete nail colour as this one is not in your face and will show you are wearing a nail polish, but not make it over-overbearingly obvious. This is a shade that you can get away with just putting on one coat also, which is a bonus if you ask me!

My Verdict

I have tried several of the shades, which include at least one from each of the three ranges and I have to say I am impressed. However, these claim to have full coverage in one coat, which I believe to be an untrue statement as I felt just one coat left most, if not all, the colours I tried to be patchy and leaving my nail underneath to partially show through. BUT, after two coats you do get full coverage, which is the amount of coats you’d normally apply anyway right?

Normally I am very messy when applying nail polish, but with the wide express brush I have found applying my nail polish so much easier, with virtually no mess, which is honestly a miracle as it means less clean up is required. They dry super quickly as promised and have lasted at least 3 full days before chipping when I have not applied any base or top coat to them. These nail polishes are the perfect solution to bare nails just before an event, as you can do them right at the last minute without having to worry if they will dry on time or make it through your event. 

All in all, I will be heavily recommending these nail polishes to anyone and everyone as although you need two coats, as opposed to just the one as stated in their claims (in my opinion), they still are an amazing product and will be staples for many people who like to get ready and sort themselves last minute, or even for organised individuals who like to change their nail colour regularly with great colour pay off each time. 

Buy now: 17.40.00







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