Mental Health Awareness Week…

As previous posts will show, I have dealt and am still dealing with mental health issues. This is something that I get so frustrated over on a personal level as I know how difficult it can be to:

  1. get people have an understanding of how you are feeling, even if it is the bare minimum
  2. to actually get some help when you are out there actively looking and asking for it, and finally…
  3. helping others to get the same level and amount of help that you are getting, or what you believe would actually be beneficial to them without having to feel like you need to chop an arm and a leg off just to have the recognition of needing a little helping hand.

Recently, I have had quite a few events happen in my life that I am not necessarily willing to put online for the entire world to read, but things that are current ‘hot topics’ when it comes to social network and the news. Seeing and hearing that an unbelievable amount of people are going through the same, or super similar things to what I have been, or am currently going through is shocking. I am absolutely appalled at how little ‘help’ there is available out there to people of all ages, especially seeing as everyone is now recognising the current obstacles and issues people with some form of mental health issue, diagnosed or not, are having to face on a daily basis.

I have noticed recently that many charities and organisations are very quick to acknowledge the issues at hand, but are somewhat reluctant to ‘get off their arses’ and do something about it. Now this may be down to finances and that they physically do not have the resources to provide more assistance to those who need it. HOWEVER, isn’t this the reason that politics and the government keep getting dragged into it? Yes, we make a big song and dance about how important mental health is, blah blah blah, but what is the use if nothing is actually going to change?!

My personal experiences so far in relation to my mental health and the ‘help’ available is that yeah it is there, BUT you have to either wait a blooming long time for something to even happen to get it kick started, or the resources are small and to be quite honest, just not satisfactory for the issues it is trying to help solve. Or you are forced to go privately or to a charity which will only provide services if you donate a specific amount of money, which is fine yeah… as long as you have the money, which lets face it… not everyone who deals with some form of mental health issue is going to have, especially if it affects you working and earning money in the first place!

All in all, yes I am glad that more awareness is getting round about mental health and how it affects individuals in different ways. However, there is still so much more that needs to be done!

love your little Alien


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