Dog walks in Norfolk…

Since having a dog, I have found that I am going out for walks a lot more, but also discovering more places around Norfolk that I never knew about or had never visited beforehand. Therefore I thought why not just write about the places we often go to take Phoebe for walks to help other dog owners either living or visiting the region as there isn’t much information out there in regards to places to walk your dog in Norfolk when asking search engines such as Google.

About my dog…

Phoebe was born on 7th July 2018, but we brought her home on 20th October 2018. She is a Cockapoo, which is a crossbreed between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. However, we were informed that she was an F2 Cockapoo which would mean that both parents are also Cockapoos, but we are unsure as we never saw the dad, and her mum looked very much a Cocker Spaniel as opposed to a Cockapoo.

2019-04-24 11.44.04

Phoebe is brown in colour, with some white patches. She has a white ‘star’ on her chest, the tips of her back feet are white, as well as the tip of her tail. Her coat is curly and so we have decided to groom her every 6-8 weeks at a local groomers in order to keep her short so we can maintain her coat without getting many, if any, mattes. The groomers are lovely and we would 100% recommend them! They always listen to what you would like, and deliver in every aspect. You can tell they have a pure love for what they do and so you couldn’t ask for anyone better to groom your dog! Plus, Phoebe always comes out of the groomers smelling AMAZING. We take her to a place called ‘Scruffs to Fluffs’ which is where Jess and Beth work. This is in Thorpe St Andrew, off Plumstead Road East in Norwich.

The Walks…

Destination 1.

One place which we return to time and time again is Cart Gap Beach. This is located at the end of Cart Gap Road, NR12 0QL, where there is a pay and display carpark, as well as a small family run cafe called Smallsticks. Dogs are allowed in the garden only of the cafe, but well worth it for a hot chocolate. There are public toilets situated at the carpark, as well as there being a small shop open by the lifeboat station. (Bear in mind that both the cafe and small shop are not always open, especially in the colder winter months.) The Beach itself is dog friendly all year round as there are no restrictions in place regarding dogs. There are several ways of getting onto the beach from the lifeboat ramp, to various walkways through the dunes and down steps or ramps to get onto the beach itself.

One thing to bear in mind whilst walking along this beach is that you may want to check the high tide times before going as we have been caught out by this several times… in fact I even got caught by a massive wave and ended up being drenched up to my waist and had to ring my socks out before sitting on a towel the entire way home, plus it means the dogs have less sand and room to run about on if the tide is in!

Destination 2.

Salhouse Broad is a firm favourite destination and has been even before getting a dog. The car park is free and is situated on Lower St, Salhouse, Norwich NR13 6RX. There are public toilets here, but these are closed during the off peak season so that is something to keep in mind. However, the village is close by so there are cafes and pubs to go to if you are in need of a refreshment or the toilet. The walk consists of a dirt path which leads you through woodland and out onto the broad. There are boardwalks in places so if your dog does not like these then you are able to slightly avoid them (Phoebe will mostly walk alongside the boardwalk and run over the parts she has no other way of getting round).

During April to May, if you walk through the woodland area there are tons of bluebells, which is a must see if you love them as it is truly a scenic place when these are out. Dogs are welcome here, but we keep Phoebe on her long extendable lead for the entire time as if not she would end up in the broad from chasing the ducks and other birds.

Destination 3.

Lady Belt is a small country park situated on Hethersett Rd, East Carleton, Norwich NR14 8HX. It consists of a woodland area, into an open field like area whereby there are walks which are mapped out. These can also be shown on a sign as you enter lady belt. There is a car park free of charge, but no public toilets sadly. Although dogs are welcome here, they are often asked to be kept on a lead as during certain months throughout the year, there are birds known to nest within the long grass and foliage, which obviously would be disturbed if a dog were to run through the grass loosely. However, on the other months whereby the birds are no longer nesting, dogs are allowed to be off lead.

We have currently only been here several times, but it is a nice walk which takes up a decent amount of time and allows yourself and your dog some different scenery and smells from your usual walks.

Destination 4.

How Hill is a nature reserve with a large area of established fen within the River Ant valley, north of Ludham Bridge. There are a variety of different habitats so this place is popular with those interested in wildlife and bird watching. However, people also walk there dogs here, as long as they are well behaved and kept on a lead at all times. The public car park which is free of charge, then leads you down a path towards the river whereby the walk then carries along the river before going into farm/marsh land before returning back towards the car park via country lanes.

There are public toilets available here, but again these are closed during the winter months which are off peak season. There is also a cafe, which again is closed during off peak season. Dogs are only allowed on the veranda of the tearooms, but this still gives you the option of going on a walk as well as being able to have a warm drink afterwards.

Destination 5.

North Burlingham is destination 5. We stumbled across this walk on a google search when we were trying to think of new places to walk the dog as were getting bored of the ones we were doing regularly. There are a variety of walks, but we normally park at the car park down the side of St Andrews Church ( 1 Main Rd, North Burlingham, Norwich NR13 4TA). We walk through the first part of woodland towards a country road, which has sundials dotted throughout which make the area more interesting, before crossing the small (and greatly unused) road into the second area of woodland whereby there are hedgerows to follow and further areas to explore. 

There are no toilets here, or a cafe, but the walk is not too long and is just off the A47 so not far to go in order to find a toilet or cafe if that is what you desire. Be aware that whilst walking in the first bit of woodland off the car park, that there are normally horses kept the other side of the trees and the border consists of string mapping out the area and thin hedges. We decided to let Phoebe and another dog off the lead, to find that they wanted to play with the horses, so I would advise you keep them on lead if they are likely to do the same as Phoebe until after you cross the small country lane.

These are five of many walks we have discovered to walk the dog, so more blog posts will be coming!

If you would like to keep up with Phoebe and her adventures, please follow her on instagram at Phoebethecockapoonorwich as this is where we update new walks etc first!


Click here for PART TWO…





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