Dog Walks In Norfolk… Part 2

Following on from my previous post on dog walks in Norfolk, here are five more destinations that we have discovered to walk your dog in Norfolk for a change of scenery for both you and your pup!

Destination 6.

Destination 6 is Bacton/Witton Woods. Some people call it Bacton Woods, and some people know it by Witton Woods… essentially it is the same place. This woodland area is absolutely massive so perfect for you to let your dog off the lead to let off some steam. However, there are no designated dog poo bins around the woods, but there is a large general waste bin situated at the start of the car park whereby you can deposit your dog poo.

The designated car park is situated just off Old Hall Road, North Walsham NR28 9UE. There are three different routes mapped out that you can follow, of different distances/suitability for walking, cycling etc, or you can go wild and let your dog follow their nose around. There is a ‘pond’ area which slowly is turning into more of a mud pit, which if your dog is a fan of getting in water or mud, then it is somewhere to be wary of (ours ALWAYS lays in this and needs a bath afterwards).

Destination 7.

Destination 7 is one that is easy to park, and has many facilities so all the family can go on the dog walk together. It is Eaton Park, which is a large park located at 2 S Park Ave, Norwich NR4 7AU. There are toilets in the middle where the bandstand is, as well as there being plenty of poo bins dotted around as you walk, so no excuse to not pick up after your dog!

In the middle of the park is the famous bandstand, whereby there is also a cafe which welcomes well-behaved dogs on leads. I would highly recommend stopping here just to try a sausage roll! There is loads of open space to let your dog run around, but do be aware that there is a boating lake and lily pond. There is also a skate park to one end of the park, which is something to keep in mind if your dog likes chasing people on wheels… ours used to as a puppy.

Destination 8.

Destination 8 is one where it is very likely you may need your wellies! Mousehold Heath is found on Heartsease Ln, Norwich NR7 9NT. There is a free car park, but be aware that there are no public toilets and very limited dog poo bins around Mousehold heath. This nature reserve features grass fields & dirt walking trails, plus a pitch-&-putt golf course. There is lots of history to find out about this area, which there are some information plaques dotted around.

It is easy to get lost, but eventually you will end up in a place that is easy to recognise as there are obvious landmarks in most of Mousehold to base off which way you should be heading. We often let our dog off the lead around this walk as it allows her to have a good sniff and run around, but also keeps our minds at rest as the area is so large that it is unlikely she will get herself into a spot of bother. One thing to keep in mind whilst on this walk is that you may stumble upon some water, as there is a pond and quite often heavy rain will create a few other pools within the heath.

Destination 9.

Destination 9 is a firm favourite of ours as we will often take the dog around the open field for her to have a run around and do her business, before heading over to the cafe to treat ourselves to a slice of cake, cuppa Tea and of course the dog a pupcake. This place is called Centre Paws, which you can find at Barnards Farm, Barnham Broom Rd, Wymondham NR18 0RR. There is also a farm walk which is marked out which we have done once, but because we often go there with another dog, we will just let them loose in the open field and they will play with one another to use up their energy.

There is also the opportunity to try and test your dogs agility here in the agility field, but this is at an extra cost and will require you to book this in advance. Often after stopping for a cake and tea break, we will go around the field once more before hopping back into the car to head home. Outside of the open field, and near to the cafe there is a long trough in which there is water for your dog to have a drink… or a lay down in as our dog likes to do. There are poo bins around Centre paws so no reason to not pick up after your dog!

Destination 10.

Blickling Estate walk is one that takes around 2 hours to walk around, but is well worth it to give yourself and your dog a decent walk. You can find it at Blickling, Norwich, Norfolk, NR11 6NF. The walk itself is free, but there is a cost to use the carpark which goes into the upkeep of the estate. You are able to make your way around in which ever way you choose, but over on the official website it will take you round the trail a particular way.

This walk is popular so is often busy. It is dog friendly, but there are areas in which you are asked to keep your dog on a lead and others you are only allowed to let them off the lead if they are well-behaved, which is a judgement we normally make depending on how many other dogs and families are around. We took a picnic with us as there are many places to stop and have a snack, but there are the facilities there to buy refreshments, as well as toilets and dog bins.


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