Matte Legend: AVON

Everyone has there own ‘go to’ lipstick don’t they? Well, Avon have released a new lipstick which they are likening to Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks. Now Avon of course have come up with a lipstick which could pass as Charlotte Tilbury ones, but at just a fraction of the price. Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution Lipsticks retail at £25 each for 3.5 gram of product, where as Avon Matte Legend Lipstick retails at £9 for 3.6 grams of product.

About the Lipstick:

This make-up artist-inspired bullet will contour and sculpt your lips in one easy sweep. Normally if you were having your makeup done by a makeup artist they would prime, line your lips and then apply the lipstick on with a lip brush, but with this lipstick you don’t have to go through those time consuming steps which saves times and makes it quick and effortless to apply lipstick.

The lipstick claims the following:

Pro Pigment – Our most highly pigmented matte lipstick for shoot-worthy full coverage that won’t cake, crack or dry

Pro Bullet – Precision tip mimics a make-up artist’s brush to deliver a professional look, no liner needed, in 1 sweep

Pro Finish – Infused with primer to lock in moisture for our most comfortable and long-lasting matte ever

There are 11 shades currently (this is correct as of April 2020), which you can see in more detail below.


This is a lovely dark pink with some purple and red tones incorporated. This is definitely legendary and one for those of you who like to wear a bold and bright lip.


Now this is what I call a statement… A stunning vibrant pink shade that really compliments a bronzed/tanned skin tone. That makes this a perfect summer shade to wear whenever a statement needs to be made!


This shade is simply beautiful. It is a staple red shade and perfect for those warmer spring and summer months as opposed to the deeper reds you would typically wear in the colder months. If you are looking for a new red matte lipstick then this may be the one for you!


Wanted is the brightest shade out of them all, and is a super pigmented pink shade. This is also the lightest pink shade.


This is equally as bright as ‘Wanted’ but is slightly deeper in tone so it does not come off as bright and in your face. Potentially the more wearable of these brighter pink shades. This also has more of a purple tone in compared to the other pinks.


Worthy is a pink/brown nude shade which would be perfect to wear day to day. It is a shade that will show you are wearing lipstick, but will not be in your face and will be wearable with most eye-shadow looks and colours.


Crave is the darkest of the shades available currently. This is a deep purple/red/pink shade. It seems to be slightly different in colour depending on the light within the room. It is a lovely shade, but probably one I would more likely reach for within the colder months.


It could be argued that this is the most ‘nude’ shade of the bunch as it is very brown and muted in comparison to the other shades, which are for the most part bright and/or vibrant. This shade is definitely one of the most wearable on a day to day basis and will likely be a favourite amongst many.


A super pretty muted pink shade. Ideal for daily use as it is bold, but not overpowering. This will suit most skin tones so would be one I would recommend for most.


I would say this is the designed purple of the range. It is a deep but vibrant purple shade, which is easy to apply and is even in terms of colour coverage over the lips.


Perfection, could the name be anymore accurate? Again this would be a shade that I would recommend to most as it is versatile and would suit the majority of skin tones. It is a pop of pink without being over the top or too much, but still enough colour to give off the ‘rosy’ look.



For all shades as I had no problem with getting colour pay off, patchiness or gaps in colour just after that ‘1 sweep’. The claims of the lipsticks being lasting, comfortable, matte and pigmented have all been met through my trial of the shades myself. I had slight difficulty removing each lipstick between each colour change which proves to me that these will be long lasting throughout the day, and will need minimal if any touch ups. I have not tried the Charlotte Tilbury Lipsticks myself so if anyone has then give these a go as I think you will be happily surprised!

If you are in the UK you can purchase from my store by following the link:

Thank you for reading and I hope to be back with another post very soon 🙂




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