A Little bit about me.

Firstly I would like to say a big friendly hello to my readers. I am a young adult living in Norwich, Norfolk in the United Kingdom. I have blonde hair and blue eyes…. blar blar blar

I decided to start a blog as I was finding that I had a lot of spare time on my hands and simply wanted to try out something new. I always used to enjoy writing in my diary when I was growing up, as well as writing short stories and the like in my English lessons during my time at school. I’ve noticed that many people nowadays look towards blogs for advice or the knowing that they aren’t the only one who is going through an event or having those feelings at that one time as even though there are over 7 billion of us in the world, it can still feel a little lonely at times.

I aim for my blogs to be about anything and everything that comes my way from my daily life, to my success when doing my make-up one day, to even the rare days that offer me opportunities that I didn’t see coming, as well as any issues that are being raised at the time that I write the blog and so on.

I hope I am not a bore and that someone will find enjoyment or help from reading my blog!

lots of love,

Kathryn Jade



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